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We’re the maternal-fetal medicine experts with dedicated knowledge to conduct and interpret fetal ultrasounds and diagnosis. Once you present to Labor & Delivery setting, our Expert Physicians can readily perform and identify a problem or reassure, while evaluating a complete pregnancy profile.

Care for Pregnancy Complications

Our goal is to provide a healthy, safe delivery for each mother and child through careful preparation, medical expertise, and multidisciplinary teamwork. Patients may come to us at the beginning of their pregnancy, at the time they are diagnosed with a condition, or prior to becoming pregnant.

Labor and Delivery in High Risk Pregnancy

Our team of maternal-fetal medicine specialists high risk obstetricians-surgeons provide supportive and compassionate care before, during, and after pregnancy for women who have or are at risk of having pregnancy complications. This care includes counseling, evaluation, and medical and surgical care.

Our commitment to excellence spans our missions of providing exceptional clinical care